Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is that a cushion under your sari?

The Christmas Party was held on 19th December at the Clubhouse with a lucky 66 members booking a seat for the night.

Apologies to members who were too late to make a booking. Make sure you book early next year!!

Providore Barry and his able assistants Chef John and the Christmas Belles outdid themselves, starting with oysters au naturel or kilpatrick or a fruit compote for those who don't enjoy those tasty little bivalves.

Here are a few shots of the guests ...

Joan Wheeler produced the Nativity Play with Margaret as Mary (famous as Britney Spears), Chris Wheeler as Joseph and Barry W as the baby. Jill was a star and Kerri, Coral and Ruth were the three wise women because the three wise men were watching the cricket.
Peter Deane was the Angel Gabriel purely because he could blow the bugle, whilst Val made a delectable Evil Angel. Sid was the donkey (no comment) whilst Commodore Camel got a standing ovation.
Brian Sutton made a surprise appearance as Santa Claus. Not sure why he was in a Nativity Play but he did bring presents, which probably explains it.

The night finished with dancing to Scott, a new musician we were trying out for the night. What did you think of him, members? Remember to give feedback ...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back in the good old days .....

Courtesy of George and Inga Vermassen, I've put up some photos of the Club many years ago when our current Clubhouse was being built.

These are photos taken at one of the original Octoberfests.

First of all, we had a tin shed.
It didn't seem to stop George doing what he does so well ... working behind the bar, serving drinks.

Then the brick clubhouse which we occupy today came into being. It took a great deal of effort and voluntary work to make this clubhouse what it is today.
We are very grateful to the original members for the hard work they put in.

There seemed to be a lot of dancing, eating and drinking, much like today.

But I don't see any current members emulating Kurt in his dirnl!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's been two years since John and Coral organised their last Octoberfest at the Club and we had all heard big things about how good the last one was.

So we were expecting a lot .... and believe me, we were not disappointed!

Sid and John and others had been up at the Club for two days putting up the decorations which were all very Germanic in red black and yellow.

We were greeted at the door by a buxon blonde German fraulein who offered us a glass of gluwein to start the evening off in the right spirit.
Ken seemed particularly enamoured of her .... and no wonder!

A very dashing Herren Gerry and bewitching Fraulein Coral compered the event with music organised by Gustaf (alias Guy) fresh from his hospital bed.

Robert and Judy had been to the mainland and laid in stocks of German beer for the night which proved very popular. So much so that we might stock Heineken from now on.

And in the kitchen Herren Johann was being ably assisted by Frau Marlene and the Herr Providor.

Guests of honour were Life Member George Vermassen and his wife Inge who were welcomed to the Club by Vice Commodore Ole.

There were over sixty members and their guests enjoying the night's frivolity ...

In between courses, there was time for a few German dances ... the hat dance and, of course, everyone's favourite, the Chicken Dance .... How many versions did Guy managed to produce by the end of the night? Did you hear the Marching Chicken Dance??

The Commodore found a delightful fraulein to keep him company .... Fraulein Margarethe, I believe, all the way from Germany to sell tickets in our Christmas raffle.

And the inevitable sculling competition .......
(Why weren''t the ladies invited to join in? Oh, yes, we're ladies!!)

George & Inge even had time for a polka or two ... too nimble on their feet for my camera, I'm afraid, so the shot is somewhat blurry.

And last but not least, the men with the biggest steins ....
Sid, I can see you hiding behind that monster stein! But did you really drink all that beer?
Guy and his mate worked out it took 3 Heinekins per stein. Which probably explains why they walked home.
Great night, everyone. Roll on next year!!